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Arestool Co. Ltd. have more than 30 years experience in manufacturing hand tools. We’re located in Taichung, the heart of the hand
                tool manufacturing industry in Taiwan. Our advantageous location allows us to fulfill your requirements promptly. We also offer ODM
                and OEM for hand tool products. Our main products are hex keys, gear pullers and wheel master wrenches—all of which are made in
                Taiwan. The production procedures are tightly controlled to ensure the quality of products, as well as customer satisfaction and user
                       Product quality has always been our main focus; we’re also dedicated to developing innovative and efficient designs. Our R&D
                department develop new products every one to two years. All new Arestool products need to undergo rigorous SGS testing to ensure
                consistent quality, followed by numerous mode of usage tests, improving the practicality of the products, and making them simpler
                for users to handle. Our dedication to constant improvement and consistent quality has won numerous awards and certification for our
                products. Please visit for more information.
                       High quality, efficient service and high safety products are the cores of our company.

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